Air Freight

Avoid delays with the most efficient air freight service. 


Seabridge is experienced in managing the unique complexities and priorities of international air cargo. Specialist air freight operators deliver a comprehensive list of air cargo services, ensuring the fastest and most cost effective solution.

Air Freight

A team of air freight experts utilise state of the art communications and tracking technology to expedite goods to even the most remote locations across the globe.

Engaging with a market-leading international air freight specialist ensures cargo always arrives safely. With access to a global network of trusted air freight partners, Seabridge can be relied on to facilitate the transport of cargo on time, every time. 

Need it on the next plane? Contact Seabridge today to organise a priority freight service.

Flexible on time? Let us customise a route that will ensure value for money.

To book your next international air freight service, contact Seabridge for a customised quote.


If you are looking for priority domestic air freight, Seabridge recommends our trusted service partner Airborne Express.

Airborne Express is a domestic air cargo service, specialising in next flight deliveries of time critical freight.

When you have urgent cargo that requires priority pickup and door-to-door delivery, you can rely on Airborne Express to deliver in the quickest possible time.

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