Counterfeit Shipping Containers Discovered

February 16, 2017

TWO counterfeit shipping containers (also known as a fake, cloned or re-birthed container) were discovered by an importer late last month. The importer was unpacking two containers to find, not the goods ordered, but instead, cheap brick pavers. The whole containers had been substituted and counterfeited.

A counterfeit shipping container is a container that has had its unique identifier erased from its exterior and replaced with that of another legitimate container’s unique identifier.

Apparently, the containers were very old and in poor condition so the possibility for more widespread sophisticated operation cannot be underestimated.

Considering this, it is important to remain vigilant and to review suppliers diligently. We also suggest that you contact your insurance provider to ensure that you are covered for events such as this. If you have any concerns  please contact your Seabridge representative on 1800 727 195.