Exdoc Billing Has Changed

November 8, 2016

Seabridge Global Logistics News

AS OF 1st of November 2016 the Department has changed billing arrangements for EXDOC generated invoices, i.e. export permits and health certificates. From this date EXDOC invoices have been sent directly to the exporter nominated in the export permit and not the EDI user who has submitted the application on behalf of the exporter.

Under the previous dairy, eggs and seafood arrangements it is the EDI user that is billed for the export permit and health certificate, and this cost is then generally passed on to the exporter (where they are different to the EDI user). The previous arrangement was out of step with how other commodities within the department bill for this activity, where the invoices are sent directly to the exporter. From a legislative point of view exporters are ultimately responsible for the export shipment and the legal owners of the goods being exported.

This change does not have an impact on the overall fee, it has only changed who receives and is responsible for payment the invoice.

When exporting goods from Australia, it is vital to be aware of changes such as this to ensure compliance. Seabridge export specialists employ their wealth of knowledge and experience in the international freight forwarding to safeguard compliance and provide the most accurate advice. Call Seabridge today on 1800 727 195 to speak with an export specialist about the services we can provide for your business.