Prohibited Packaging Statements

May 2, 2017

Seabridge Global Logistics News

THE Department of Agriculture and Water Resources reminds clients that it will no longer accept ‘Prohibited packaging material’ statements from 16 June 2017. Consignment specific packing declarations containing the ‘Prohibited packaging material’ statement dated prior to 16 June 2017 will be acceptable for their intended consignment.

Annual packing declarations containing the ‘Prohibited packaging material’ statement (regardless of their expiry date) will not be accepted for consignments shipped on or after 16 June 2017. As such packers/suppliers will be required to reissue their declarations to meet the requirements of the Non-commodity information requirements policy.

Industry advice notice 45-2016 Key changes affecting the Broker Approved Arrangements on commencement of the Biosecurity Act 2015, advised clients that to align with the Biosecurity Act 2015 that ‘Prohibited packaging material statement’ as required by the Non-commodity information requirements policy had been replaced by the ‘unacceptable packaging statement’.

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