Sunday Storm Wreaks Havoc At The Port Of Brisbane

November 15, 2016

THE monster storm that ripped through Brisbane on Sunday has caused severe damage and delays at the Port as container stacks have fallen over and cars in vehicle storage areas have been damaged from flying debris.

161113 container stack

Image from Lloyd’s List Australia


All the terminals and container parks in Brisbane were directly affected and extensive delays are being experienced as they re-open and attempt to return the flow of containers to normal.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Michael Knepp said an initial storm went over Brisbane airport (close to Port of Brisbane) just after 15:00 Sunday, causing gusts up to 106 kilometres per hour, and a second storm passed over the airport at 17:30, bringing wind gusts of up to 158 kilometres per hour.

Mr Knepp said the strongest winds would have only lasted a few minutes. Which was enough for container stacks to collapse causing some damage to the containers, however luckily no injuries were reported and waterfront infrastructure including container cranes remain intact and operational.

161113 container stack2

Image from Lloyd’s List Australia


Port chief operating officer Peter Keyte said majority of the damaged containers were empty and there had been no reports of damage to full containers.

Currently the activity at the Port of Brisbane is –

Patrick’s terminal is open, however not all containers are available.

DPW is partially open, with eight of the nine zones remaining closed and containers being unable to be collected. DPW is closed for all export drop offs.

Hutchinson wharf has resumed normal operation.

Empty depots –

E-Depot and Cargolink are open.

Chalmers, QUBE and DP World remain closed.

Unavoidable delays are being experienced, however Seabridge is working closely with our transport operators to ensure the most efficient outcome and will update you directly if your containers are effected by any delays. If you have any concerns, please contact Seabridge today on 1800 727 195.