3PL Warehousing and Distribution

Take advantage of the resources and knowledge of an established transport logistics provider while gaining flexibility in space and labour. Our 3PL specialists use an innovative remote warehouse management system (WMS) to seamlessly meet all storage and handling needs.

Our warehouse logistics solutions are:
  1. Integrated with your business model
  2. Efficient with streamlined operations
  3. Safe with 24-7 security
  4. Reliable with real-time inventory tracking
  5. Flexible to your business needs
  6. Low cost with low overheads

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Agribusiness covers a diverse range of products, each requiring their own logistics solution.

Backed by years of experience, our transport logistics specialists work directly with producers to create flexible solutions that meet their unique cargo requirements. From dairy to fruit, fresh produce will arrive on time, every time, in perfect condition.

Hive, our online management system, also provides a competitive advantage to clients. They can track, trace, and manage their fresh produce 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all in real time from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, we have ample experience forwarding urgently needed and out-sized machinery, materials, and chemicals. We can quickly reach any location, no matter how remote.

Trust our agribusiness logistics solutions to offer:
  • Visibility for a streamlined inventory management process
  • Efficiency to keep cargo in perfect condition
  • Reliability through real-time tracking technology
  • Quality control through world-leading humidity and temperature systems
  • Compliance with stringent food safety and biosecurity standards

Why we’re an Australasian leader in global logistics

Tailored Solutions

Seabridge individually assesses each project, providing dynamic solutions aligned to your company.

Trusted Specialists

Our customs brokers and logistics specialists have the experience and training to navigate high-complexity freight across land, air and sea.

Constant Contact

From order to delivery, direct operational contact with logistics specialists is provided for a responsive, flexible and hassle-free service.

Real-Time Visibility

Cargo is quickly and easily located anywhere, anytime with our industry-leading track and trace technology.

Affordability and Speed

Seabridge has established a global network of trusted freight partners to streamline end-to-end solutions, saving you time and money.

Stress-Free Experience

Enjoy peace of mind with our all-in-one service. Seabridge prioritises the safe transport of cargo that arrives on time, every time.